Hide & Seek

Children playing hide & seek, Brussels.  

The location in which these photos are taken seems remote, somewhere in the woods, faraway. In reality however, these are taken in Brussels Park, in the very centre of the city, near the Royal Palace. 


Cajón a San Lazaro

Cajón a San Lazaro is a series of photographs of a Santería ceremony in Havana, Cuba.

The ceremony, which lasted for almost two hours, was a so-called fulfilment ceremony, i.e. it was offered in compensation of the granting of a wish. The wish was health-related, as San Lazaro is the patron saint of health, and had been made by the lady of the house in which the ceremony took place.  

The spirit with which the man in trance was imbued was however not that of the saint. The spirit was called Francisca and it took turns to talk to the different attendants in the room, addressing them about their personal lives, independent from the saint to which the ceremony was offered.